From decades of working in the field of prognosis, I have developed various astrological tools. One of these tools is the mapping of the equinox of a year with a local circle for a simple determination of the correspondence of longitude and zodiac degrees for axes and planets.

This makes it possible to follow the course of the year in the horoscope. In my webinars I have explained the application of other possibilities, which allow accurate statements without digital technology, with pencil and paper. For most of the statements you don't need computer programs, but a sound basis and the experienced handling of the astrological interpretation.

Äquinoktium 2020


In the various online courses and webinars I have explained the basics and applications. These special techniques are a prerequisite to be able to calculate and interpret with the poster. You can find the video recordings of the courses in my online academy:

Poster Äquinoktium 2020

But of course the poster is also a wonderful piece art on the wall, even if you don't want to use it only for calculations.

The poster is printed on both sides. On the back you will find the illustration of an astrological calculating disc from the work "Astrologiae Nova Methodus" from 1654. Use it later as a poster!


The poster is available in DIN-A2 format.

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