Learning astrology is like learning a musical instrument or language. A world of thought opens up. However, it requires regular training and a lot of practice in order to handle it routinely and safely.


    Webinars are online courses that allow you to participate online through video. I offer regular courses for horoscope interpretation and at irregular intervals courses on special topics.


    The courses are accompanied with documents, videos, and information. This includes not only data and horoscopes but also cross-references and links for independent learning and deeper understanding. The teaching material is offered in a forum.



The transmission of knowledge is a self-evident obligation for me, in order to enable others to undertake independent astrological thinking and interpretation.

That's why I regularly offer courses. However, effort and inhibitions for attending courses have increased due to lack of time, long distances, and high costs for travel and accommodation. The homeless, scattered, and hunted man has no time for the essentials. Insignificant organizational trivialities and everyday life overwhelms everyone. These are the signs of modern serfdom.

From this dilemma, a telephone lesson was created years ago. Then the first "online courses" added. Thus, regardless of the location, participation is possible. In addition, the courses can be saved as video recordings. This allows each participant to view the courses when they want, to pause the video, and to replay.

The technology for online courses is well developed and can be used without any special effort. These "webinars" provide interactive lessons in a limited scope. With this you can actively participate in the process of astrological development. Of course, the immediate, shared experience is lacking, but it is also a certain independence from a collective being together.

I hope that a lively and engaging exchange will develop into a living world of astrology that will enable the individual and future generations to think and exist free from the constraints of the official and unofficial world.

At the same time, it is important to ensure the protection of these methods and possibilities from being consumed and from esoteric, scientific and industrial consumption.

This is the dilemma, like many other things in the world.


From 1992 to 2012 I regularly taught Astrology in Munich and Herrsching. From 1997 to 2016, I did 64 astrological courses in Frankfurt for the advanced. From 2017, I will continue these courses in Landsberg am Lech.


Starting in 2013, I developed webinars and online courses based on a long-term telephone audience. This resulted in a comprehensive, systematic, and constructive series of lessons. These courses have been video recorded and transcribed into scripts. This allows you to independently self-study the basics.